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Snapmirror transfer failed with error


Hello All,


I am facing issue with one of the Snapmirror relationship in my environment. All other relationships are working fine.

I have tried to Update and resyncing the relation,but still its failing with following error :


Source Path: A817SL116:SE_EU
Source Cluster: -
Source Vserver: A817SL116
Source Volume: SE_EU
Destination Path: A817SL124:SE_EU
Destination Cluster: -
Destination Vserver: A817SL124
Destination Volume: SE_EU
Relationship Type: XDP
Relationship Group Type: none
Managing Vserver: A817SL124
SnapMirror Schedule: Everyday
SnapMirror Policy Type: vault
SnapMirror Policy: Production
Tries Limit: -
Throttle (KB/sec): unlimited
Current Transfer Throttle (KB/sec): -
Mirror State: Snapmirrored
Relationship Status: Idle
File Restore File Count: -
File Restore File List: -
Transfer Snapshot: -
Snapshot Progress: -
Total Progress: -
Network Compression Ratio: -
Snapshot Checkpoint: 137KB
Newest Snapshot: SV_Daily.2019-01-09_0100
Newest Snapshot Timestamp: 01/09 01:00:00
Exported Snapshot: SV_Daily.2019-01-09_0100
Exported Snapshot Timestamp: 01/09 01:00:00
Healthy: false
Relationship ID: 671121e9-88ad-11e7-a866-00a098878f76
Source Vserver UUID: 67ab18ac-557c-11e7-8a2a-00a098b6dcaa
Destination Vserver UUID: 95265b52-87e5-11e7-ac17-00a098878db4
Current Operation ID: -
Transfer Type: -
Transfer Error: -
Last Transfer Type: update
Last Transfer Error: Transfer failed. (Volume access error (Permission denied))
Last Transfer Error Codes: -
Last Transfer Size: -
Last Transfer Network Compression Ratio: -
Last Transfer Duration: -
Last Transfer From: A817SL116:SE_EU
Last Transfer End Timestamp: 01/15 10:20:25
Unhealthy Reason: Transfer failed.
Progress Last Updated: -
Relationship Capability: 8.2 and above
Lag Time: 153:46:40
Current Transfer Priority: -
SMTape Operation: -
Constituent Relationship: false
Destination Volume Node Name: a817sl122
Identity Preserve Vserver DR: -
Number of Successful Updates: 220
Number of Failed Updates: 26
Number of Successful Resyncs: 0
Number of Failed Resyncs: 1
Number of Successful Breaks: 0
Number of Failed Breaks: 0
Total Transfer Bytes: 6185816921270
Total Transfer Time in Seconds: 560099
Source Volume MSIDs Preserved: -
OpMask: ffffffffffffffff




I am lokking for assistance to update this relationship again.



I've just been hit with this. How did you solve it?




This issue is mentioned in this KB. However, only the EMS logs will reveal if this is an exact issue.


Snapvault (XDP) failed with Error Volume access error(Permission denied):


This issue might occur if SnapVault transfers are carried out when both the source and destination volumes experience heavy NFS traffic.

Manual update of XDP relationships using the command:
# snapmirror update -destination-path <vserver_name>:<volume_name>

Check if you see any errors similar to the one mentioned in the kB:
::*> event log show -message-name wafl.repl.send.inode.err*


Try updating after some time, in the mean time check the NFS traffic IOPS/MBPS.


If you have OCUM/AUM, you can easily narrow down how the traffic's been for the  volume concerend.