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CIFS Home Directory Creation




I'm new to NetAPP. I was trying to create a CIFS user Home Directory on an existing SVM that has many other home directories.  I'm using ONTap  9.


When I select the SVM --- > Shares --- > Create Home Directory I get the ppop-up window asking for the Name, Relative Path, Comment etc...


Wehn trying to create the directory I receive the following error message - "Failed to create CIFS share.  Reason: Home directory shares must specify a path relative to one or more home directory search paths".


It errors because of the "Relative Path".  My pre-existing search path is /vol/users/sdhome4. So what the heck is the Relative Path I'm supposed to enter based upon the search path? I enter /vol/users/sdhome4 or /vol/users/sdhome4/jjmike


This seems easy but I must be missing something.


Any help is appreciated!



Re: CIFS Home Directory Creation


Think of it as what you want the path to be.   


-path %d/%w specifies the relative path to the home directory. The relative path is dynamically created as each user connects to their home directory and will be of the form domain/windows_user_name.  


Relative Path will be %w 

Search path should be your qtree if that's where your data is :  /users/sdhome4    (you shoudln't need the /vol in there unless you for sure do have it in your namespare) 


More reading, it's via CLI, but same concepts.


Theres good reading in the power guide too. 



Re: CIFS Home Directory Creation


Thanks much for the help. Being new to NetApp, I see that most guides and documentation is written for CLI. As much as I don't mind learning that method, will the GUI, or is the GUI being depricated in lieu of the CLI for NetApp or has it simply always been this way??


I find that other vendors (that I'm familiar with) push more documentation in the way of GUI and maintain a seperate guide for anything CLI.

Re: CIFS Home Directory Creation


The CLI has been the typically what people have used for years and years with NetApp,  unless you just needed basic admin tasks and didn't want to bother with the CLI.   However, lately they are making ONTAP more and more GUI friendly  and it's simpler to do things that would typically have been only in the CLI in the past.    


I dont' see the CLI going away at all,  just the GUI improved upon.  


There is docs out there for GUI activities too,  here's an example:  (They are more common in the more recent version of ONTAP.   ) 




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