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Failure when installing Trident for Kubernetes

I am having a problem with the Trident install itself.  The pre-check completes without issue but the installation fails with the following error:


ERRO Trident pod was not running after 180.00 seconds. Pod status is Pending. Use 'kubectl describe pod trident-5bffd64ddb-9kjqz -n trident' for more information.

FATA Install failed; pod not running.  Resolve the issue; use 'tridentctl uninstall' to clean up; and try again.


The environment is for the POC is made up of the following versions: Trident 19.04.1. Kubernetes version 1.13. Rancher 2.2.4

I've attached the output from the installer log as well.

One thing to note is  prior to failing,  the Trident installer did create the trident_trident backend storage object on the SVM applying the junction as well as the defined NFS export policy.





Re: Failure when installing Trident for Kubernetes

Did you run the "kubectl describe pod trident-5bffd64ddb-9kjqz -n trident" command that was specified in your install log to see if it is able to provide additional troubleshooting data? The pod name will probably be different each time the installer is run.


Re: Failure when installing Trident for Kubernetes

Donny sorry for the delay.  In gooing back and forth with the my internal unix team, who is actually performing the trident installation, the issue turned out that the specific version of NFS.  In this case NFS V3 needed to be specified in the backend storage configuration since by default RHEL cluster nodes are using NFS V4 by default.


"nfsMountOptions": "-o nfsvers=3"



Re: Failure when installing Trident for Kubernetes

No worries about the delay, thanks for coming back and letting us know how it was solved! 

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