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Continuous Errors [],[secd.cifsAuth.denied]

I am getting the error [] every 5 minutes.  I am hoping someone can assist me with this.    I am also getting [secd.cifsAuth.denied] in between the prior mentioned error.


I not sure but I think it is effect data in shares.  I'm hoping someone can assist me with this in any way.  Thank you in advance.


Re: Continuous Errors [],[secd.cifsAuth.denied]

What version of ONTAP? The EMS Event Catalog has this entry on page 364 (below) and recommends updating the Disk Qualification Package. The instructions for doing that are located here:


2019-12-12 09_08_49-ONTAP 9.0 EMS Event Catalog.png

Re: Continuous Errors [],[secd.cifsAuth.denied]

First thank you for your assistance with this.  I'm not not sure of the version of ONTAP that is running.  I am the Database Admin where I work and I'm trying to figure out if this error would cause data loss on a windows share.  Have you experienced this by any chance?  


I will let them know that they need to update the Disk Qualification Package.

Re: Continuous Errors [],[secd.cifsAuth.denied]

No problem, glad to help. I can't say that I have had experience with this error directly, so I can't say confidently whether or not it would contribute to any sort of impact on your data. That being said, if there is any concern of data loss, I would encourage you to open a NetApp support case immediately so that they can assist. 

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Re: Continuous Errors [],[secd.cifsAuth.denied]

Ok, I will create a support a case.  Thanks again for your assistance with this.  Like I said, I will let my coworkers know about the Disk Qualification Package update.

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