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Corrupted /etc folder on a node in a cluster


By a freak accident, all files on the /etc folder and all it's subfolder are gone.

Everyrting is functional and the other member on the cluster seems to be fine.

The issue will start when this node gets rebooted.

I think I need to re-install this node.

Am I right? Is there a better option? If it is the best option, how should I go about it?

Failover to the other node and follow this?

Can I just copy all the files from the other node besides the /etc/rc file? other files?


Its a very old Netapp, FAS3210 running NetApp Release 8.1.3P3 7-Mode

I backed up everything in this node to the other node via SnapMirror.






Nice idea, but unfortunattly the corrupted files are in all the snapshots since I realized that days after it happened.

I'd recommend opening a Support case so we can help you rebuild the node.

What happens if I simply copy and overwrite all from the other node in the cluster?

Wouldnt that work?

I can't say for sure, but this seems like a bad idea and I don't get a good feeling doing so. If anything go ahead and open a case and just get a second pair of eyes to overview your config and ensure it is running good.

this is a re-purposed netapp for lab.

no support on this so I can't open a ticket.


what happens if from LOADER I do boot_backup.

Where is it taking it from? Is it possible this backup is still intact? Is it somehow accessible from /etc?


How do I simply install this ontap (8.1) from scratch on that node only, while keeping the aggr/vols on it and then re adding to HA?





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