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Saas Backup does not discover Sharepoint sites

Hi guys,


I am evaluating the SaaS Backup for Office 365. Exchange is working fine, but Sharepoint sites are not discovered. The Office 365 user for the backup is a global administrator and we definitly have some sharepoint sites (

https://*our domain**our sites*). I also tried to assign a E3 license to that user but it didn't helped either.


OneDrive lists all accounts but always shows "MySite = drive not found" for all users. But I know that some of them are using their OneDrive. Seems to be strange.


Last but not least, synchronizing the Office Groups is not working. It simply shows a red exclamation mark. And I do not find any log files. This is now working. Groups are shown and the backup can be started. Strange.


What to do?


Best regards



Re: Saas Backup does not discover Sharepoint sites

Does the Global Administrator have a SharePoint license?

Some site types are also not supported, see


And for OneDrive are those accounts in a protected tier? They might need to be manually synced after adding them to the protected tier. This happens automatically (I think it's 24hrs) or you can do it manually.