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Get-NCSnapShotDelta multiple volume and snapshots.


I'm trying to do a bandwidth estimation for a current FAS system that we are taking Snapshots on according to the RPO.

using get-snapshotdelta i can get the differences between 2 snapshots.


Is there a way to automate this for all volume and snapshots. so that I can create a CSV file.


Basically the reason for this is:


We have an existing NetApp system in place (ONTAP 9.4), currently taking Snapshots of all the required volumes as per the required RPO objectives as defined.


The question is:

There is now a requirement to implement a DR site using Asynchronous Snapmirror, based on the current snapshots and rate of change, what is an estimated bandwidth requirement to meet X RPO.


What tools or options are available for completing such an exercise or the methodology

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