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Hi,   We have and error when we try to make a snapthot.   The errors are generated after the snapshot is creted.When the snapenter try to unquiesce de more
One of our lab FAS8020 controller (B) is currently offline due to a failed Service processor firmware update during ONTAP update from 9.1P2 to 9.3P15. more
Hi,   We're looking for a solution where we can mount a cloud based SMB share from our PC's. The PC's are not domain joined but authenticated against more
After I've removed and replaced a broken disk in our system (NetApp Release 8.3.2P9) I still see information about the removed disk.  The disk ID  2.1 more
hi all, we are getting this error: Vserver Management Error: Failed to add the Cserver record in RDB . The certificate has expired. creating cluster more
I am new to this plugin and not sure how to configure the plugin for a mysql database. Are there parameters neede din the custom configuration area? a more
I have been trying to create a storage pool for my SSDs in my FAS2750 so they can be assigned to the aggregates, however there is an error "sharing di more
Hello Team ,   as it known that C mode does't support SFTP netively like 7 Mode !! but we have couple of Volumes with SFTP enabled and want migrate it more
Hi all, We recently setup netapp-harvest (1.6) with graphite/grafana ! Our config files includes : 3  cDot FAS and one OCUM (ActiveIQ 9.6) server. Man more
Hi, vCenter 6.5u3 is not listed in Interoperability Matrix Tool for Virtual Storage Console. The last listed version of vSphere 6.5.x for VSC 7.2 and more