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How can I change the parity disk ?


Hi all,


I'd like to decommission a shelf which only has 1 disk used by an aggregate. The status of the disk is "parity" and if I could choose another disk from another shelf I'd be able to power off the shelf completely. Here's a screenshot of the current disk usage (attached) ...

Edit : I figured out how to replace the parity disk :

My issue is that all the spare disk are also on the same Shelf 2 which I'm trying to decommission. There are also 2 brokens disks in the aggregate. Could I remove the broken disks in the other shelves and replace them with spare ones from Shelf 2 if they're not the same size (546.88 GB instead of 410.73 GB) ?


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Re: How can I change the parity disk ?


Hi there!


You can use "disk replace" from the command line to swap what disks are used in an aggregate.


Yes, you can use larger disks as replacements, and they are downsized to match the smallest size in the aggregate. If this is still a production system, you can hot remove shelves if you're running ONTAP 8.2.1 or newer, otherwise you need to shut the system down. You can physically move disks in a powered off system without issue.


Hope this helps!

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