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Increasing User Quota

Hello, I hve a few quota questions. I would like to know the following.


1. What specific command can I run to find a specific users quota size? THe GUI list for reports is long and would take forever to scroll.


2. Once you determine the quota size, what would be the specific command to increase that user quota?


Thanks in advance!




Re: Increasing User Quota



Does this help you?


Following should list all the users:
cluster1::>volume quota report -thresholds
cluster1::>volume quota report


I guess, if you supply -target-ID 'username', it should give user details: Command may vary a bit depending upon your Ontap version, so just check the doc link provided below.


cluster1::>volume quota report -target-id 'user'


If you need to provide more space in volume vol1 to the user, then you enter the following command:


Explicit user quota overriding a default user quota (Increase)
::>volume quota policy rule create -vserver vs1 -policy-name default -volume vol1 -type user -target username -disk-limit 80MB -qtree ""


Try this command to modify user quota (Increase):
::>volume quota policy rule modify -vserver vs1 -policy-name default -volume vol1 -type user -target username -disk-limit 80MB -qtree ""

Examples of quota configuration


Note: You must ensure that you wait for about five minutes before reactivating the quotas on each affected volume, as attempting to activate them almost immediately after running the volume quota off command might result in errors.



Re: Increasing User Quota

I can'r seem to get the command for the user specific information to work. I know this user has a quota because I can see it within the GUI.


sXXXXXX::> volume quota report -target-id jk151003
There are no entries matching your query.


Re: Increasing User Quota


Wrong flag. See quote from man pages:

cluster1::> volume quota report -path /vol/vol2/q1/file1 -target-id
Vserver: vs0

----Disk---- ----Files----- Quota
Volume Tree Type ID Used Limit Used Limit Specifier
------- -------- ------ ------- ----- ----- ------ ------ ---------
vol2 q1 tree 1 1MB 100MB 2 10000 q1
vol2 q1 group 0 1MB - 2 -
vol2 group 0 1MB - 6 -
vol2 user 8017,S-1-5-21-3567637-1906459281-1427260136-60871
1MB 50MB 1 - *
vol2 q1 user 8017,S-1-5-21-3567637-1906459281-1427260136-60871
1MB 50MB 1 -
5 entries were displayed.

The following example shows how to monitor the quota report for a particular user/tree/group. First, the quota report command is issued with -instance to see the index field for the quota report entry we are interested in. Next, the quota report is issued with the -index field specified to fetch only that particular quota report entry repeatedly to view the usage over time.

cluster1::> volume quota report -vserver vs0 -volume vol1 -quota-type user -quota-target john -tree q1 -instance

Vserver Name: vs0
Volume Name: vol1
Index: 10
Qtree Name: q1
Quota Type: user
Quota Target: john
Quota Target ID: 5433
Disk Space Used: 50.5MB
Disk Space Limit: 100MB
Files Used: 205
Files Limit: -
Disk Space Threshold: 95MB
Soft Disk Space Limit: 80MB
Soft Files Limit: -
Quota Specifier: john
Disk Space Used % Soft Disk Space Limit: 63%
Disk Space Used % Disk Space Threshold: 53%
Disk Space Used % Disk Space Limit: 51%
Files Used % Soft File Limit: -
Files Used % File Limit: -



Re: Increasing User Quota

I belive I got what I needed. The link you sent and information assumes you know whole lot about the qtree, volume, etc. Well the problem was I wasn't sure and didn't really know that information.


I just simply wanted to know what quotas if anything have been setup for a specific user.  With what you said within your last email, this is what I ran and it gave me what I wanted.


sdnacl01::> volume quota report -vserver * -volume * -quota-type user -quota-target rp255051
Vserver: sdfs601_sdnacl01

----Disk---- ----Files----- Quota
Volume Tree Type ID Used Limit Used Limit Specifier
------- -------- ------ ------- ----- ----- ------ ------ ---------
user rp255051
97.21GB 200GB 969069 - *






Re: Increasing User Quota

Yep, that's what I was referring too. Glad you got what you needed.

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Re: Increasing User Quota

It appears this would be a valid command but am I missing something to increase the quota? I don't see that this belongs to a qtree so I didn't use the "-qtree" command. When I did add it I simply got the error - "Error: command failed: entry doesn't exist".


sdnacl01::> volume quota policy rule modify -vserver sdfs601_sdnacl01 -policy-name default -volume gitspace -type user -target rp255051 -disk-limit 300GB


Error: Either specify all keys, or set at least one key to "*".

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