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Raw Disk Capacity


Hello, I'm running version 8.3P1 of ONTAP and I need to find out the "raw" capacity of my SSD disk on my storage. 


I have SAS disk and SSD. The SSD are neing used for cache.  I see that I have 3.82TB each, allocated to 4 seperate flash pools. But I want to see the raw capacity. not the logical. 


How do I do that using cli?


Re: Raw Disk Capacity




Does these command help you?


::> storage pool show
::> storage pool show-disks [This shows you individual SSDs capacity]
::> storage pool show-available-capacity


If you want to know 'raw' physical size of the SSD, go to specific node.

::> node run -node node-0x
node-0x> sysconfig -r

You can see the physical raw size of the SSDs.



Re: Raw Disk Capacity


Thanks for the commands. Although that gives me an output it's very very long and I was looking for something that was mauybe a few lines that would give me maybe capacity as well by drive type. 


We don't use storage pools so only the node command worked but was like I said, a long list.



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