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Montior Active IQ Unified Manager with SNMP


We want to monitor Unified Manager ( Version: 9.6RC1) via SNMP. We want to query the MIB, not to send Traps from UM. I couldnt find anything about this scenario in the documentation. Its talking only about Traps.


Are there settings to configure this? If yes, where?


Re: Montior Active IQ Unified Manager with SNMP


Hi Dadan,

As I know, there is no way to monitor Active IQ Unified Manager via SNMP.

Re: Montior Active IQ Unified Manager with SNMP


This is a great question and have seen it pop-up many times. Especially for customers who were use to monitor 7-mode filers using general purpose Traphosts or using standard MIBs. But, these questions remains unanswered or there is always a very short no for it. I thought I will add some more detais to it.


I think, the game is changed completely with c-DOT: 7-Mode had the infrastructure to support user-defined traps, but C-Mode infrastructure does not support user-defined traps. Also the traps (OIDs) are not standard with cDOT, therefore it makes it difficult to just hook it up with ORION or any other monitoring software, like you were use to do it with 7-mode.


However, OCUM (Which is a free tool) is a great tool for small to mid-size organaization and does what you need. In our organization We have configured the Events for performance and health related resources, and whenever the it breaks the threshold values do inform us via email to our DL. This helps up keep track of the events and also pro-actively manage the resources. You can think of OCUM itself as a TRAP host, so basically all the EMS events are being sent to OCUM and from their to your email.

B'cos SNMP Traps are also tied to EMS events, you can even use EMS events to the trap destination, that is what gets sent to OCUM.


This kb is very nice but not exactly what you asked:


ORION (Solarwinds) was a good enough tool to monitor 7-mode filers, but with cDOT it cannot. To manage cDOT aprt from NetApp's OCUM, you will need a licensed products such as : Solarwinds SRM, LogicMonitor etc.

There are many third-paty paid software in the market which claims to do all that (Health & Performance monitoring with fancy graphs), such as SolarWinds SRM, LogicMonitor to name the few, they make suse of different tools such as SMI-S, SNMP, API, Telnet/SSH®, and CIFS/NFS to pull the healthy and performance related matrix. If you are looking for open source products then there is Grafana "Open source Graphite & InfluxDB Dashboard and Graph Editor" or may be more customized versions of it.

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Re: Montior Active IQ Unified Manager with SNMP


Thanks at all. @Ontapforrum: We prefer a single point of monitoring. So we try to avoid machines, sending mails triggered by threshold values or traps. We like to query the machines by our nagios solution. But in this, this doesent seems possible. So we have to think about another way to do this. Thanks for your hints. 

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