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NFS Datastore size mismatch


We are initialing a workflow to create a datastore, create a new interface and mount the datastore in Vcentre. The workflows creates a volume in netapp end and same gets mounted in vcenter as well. There is a huge size difference which we see from vcentre end. If i create 10gb or 5gb volume, the volume gets created in netapp with expected size but it's not happening in vcentre end, where it creates datastore with 950MB. Please find the attached lgs from workflow.


Re: NFS Datastore size mismatch


Hi - i think the logs are missing. Can you also add version numbers please?

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: NFS Datastore size mismatch


Attaching the files..

Re: NFS Datastore size mismatch


This log entry from the workflow execution log (below) makes it seem like the workflow is creating or attempting to create an NFS datastore at the root rather than specifying the path of the NFSTESTVOL1 volume created earlier in the workflow. 


10:50:21.308 INFO [Create VMware NFS datastore - nuk] New-Datastore -Nfs -Name NFSTESTVOL1 -Path / -NfsHost


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