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 I am using NetApp management console. The NMC is showing the real time data but not historical data for any volume. The real time data is not getting saved, you can only view that and save as PNG.


There is some data from 2018 which it loads by default. The volume is hosted on a vfiler running on 7 mode, 8.2.5.


Please suggest if i am missing some parameter.






Re: NetApp Management Console


Unfortunately there is not enough information provided for me to provide a difinitive answer;  however, I can definately help to provide some guidance on some things to check for next steps.


As the Ontap system is operating on the most recent version of 7-Mode Ontap(8.2.5);  I would double check to verify that OnCommand Unified Manager Core Package(DFM) is also operating on the latest version (DFM 5.2.4).   You can check the Support site here: for available vers...

SIDENOTE:  NMC is a plugin that comes with the Unified Manager download.  If this Unified Manager host has been upgraded, it may be necessary to update the NMC version to align with the DFM version as outlined on Page 32 of the Unified Manager Installation Guide

Does the issue impact all NetApp storage that DFM Monitors or just one specific Storage system? 

- If the issue impacts all Storage Systems that DFM monitors, I would verify that the resources of the DFM Host system (Storage space, RAM, CPU) are in alignment with the Unified Manager Installation Guide.


- If the issue does not impact all Storage systems that DFM monitors, I would first verify that the Vfiler and/or 7-mode Ontap host system are being polled successfully by DFM.  The following Syntax can be used to check for any Host data collection issues for a specific 7-mode system:

dfm host diag <HostName-or-IPAddress>    
Example: dfm host diag


If you the above listed actions do not help you to identify the cause of the issue, verify whether the version of OnCommand Unified Manager (Core Package) is currently supported by NetApp Technical Support on the "End of Version Support Table", located toward the bottom of the NetApp Software Version Support page

If the version of OnCommand Unified Manager is supported, feel free to open a NetApp Technical Case with NetApp Technical Support to help dig further into the issue.

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