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Netgroups & NIS

Hello All,


Question. I have multiple NIS servers within my environment that we use for Netgroup access with NetApp. I'm still very confused on how to manage this on the NetApp with external NIS servers.  If a user wants access to a Netgroup we use some old application called UDB.


That being said, if a user says "Hey, I need to know what particular Netgroups (if any) a particular share belongs too", would I need, or is there a way, to run a command on the NetApp to see this or no? If not, that's fine, then I will move my question along to the Linux world to maybe query on my NIS servers.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Netgroups & NIS

I think that's export rules. That shouldn't have to do anything with NIS, but just see which exports are configured with which names/IPs.

Re: Netgroups & NIS

Correct, that's how it's setup now. Meaning an export rule might have @ ESTE, @TPDEV etc etc... for the Netgroups. 


So what it seems is I just really need to do all of my querying and such on my NIS servers. 

Re: Netgroups & NIS

Thanks @paul_stejskal that gave me some good information. 

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