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Share Tape Librery with two solutions for backup.


Hello, we have two NetApp FAS2750 cabinets to which we are going to migrate files from a Windows File Server  and an HPE StoreEver MSL2024 Tape Library with two SAS units.

Would it be possible to share the tape library (one drive connected to the NetApp booth by a SAS port and the other drive connected to a Windows Server by another SAS port)?

In this way, we could use a drive for a backup solution, for example Veeam, and the other drive to work with another backup solution that supports NDMP.

Thank you.



Hi @FllNetApp ,


Physical tape drives can be shared with multiple netapp controllers, but DMA (backup appliation) should have license to use the shared tape drives for backup.

like "Shared Storage Option license" in netbackup


backup application vendor would provide you more details on these options.

let us know if this answers you query?.


This might work, but it would depend on how the HPE StoreEver MSL2024 handles SAS connections from multiple hosts.


Consulting the documentation for the MSL2024, it looks like these libraries support partitioning.  With partioning, it's possible to configure logical libraries, and then these logical libraries can provide backup / restore to specific hosts. 


Create a logical library for NetApp NDMP jobs, and another partition for the Windows Server / non-NDMP jobs.



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