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Unexpected entries in SAN-Attached Profile Database


I have just completed a data migration from EMC storage to NetApp AFF700 / FAS8200 clusters

I have a number of records in the SAN-Attached Profile Database that do not relate to external arrays but actual Fibre Channel SVM's from our NetApp cluster. This only occurred in one of our sites globally.

All other sites had the EMC references only which were deleted after migration was complete.

Below is detail from the array directory. 

DE0NETAPPCL01::> storage array show

Prefix                         Name   Vendor            Model Options

-------- ---------------------------- -------- ---------------- ----------

NET-1                    NETAPP_INF_1   NETAPP              INF

NET-2                    NETAPP_INF_2   NETAPP              INF

NET-3                   NETAPP_LUNC_1   NETAPP             LUNC

NET-4                   NETAPP_LUNC_2   NETAPP             LUNC

NET-5                   NETAPP_LUNC_3   NETAPP             LUNC

NET-6                   NETAPP_LUNC_4   NETAPP             LUNC

NET-7                   NETAPP_LUNC_5   NETAPP             LUNC

NET-8                   NETAPP_LUNC_6   NETAPP             LUNC

NET-9                   NETAPP_LUNC_7   NETAPP             LUNC

NET-10                  NETAPP_LUNC_8   NETAPP             LUNC

NET-11                  NETAPP_LUNC_9   NETAPP             LUNC

11 entries were displayed.


DE0NETAPPCL01::> storage array show NETAPP_LUNC_1


                                Name: NETAPP_LUNC_1

                              Prefix: NET-3

                              Vendor: NETAPP

                               Model: LUNC


                       Serial Number: 201500a0983c2e9e 

                 Optimization Policy: unknown

                            Affinity: unknown

                          Error Text: -

            Path Failover Time (sec): 0

Extend All Path Failure Event (secs): 0


The serial numbers extracted from above are the WWNN's of the Fibre Channel SVM's in our cluster, and relate to

all of the WWPN's of the SVM ports and therefore in the SAN zoning for all FC storage allocations.


NETAPP_INF_1              d55d980000000000

NETAPP_INF_2              d680ac0000000000


NETAPP_LUNC_1          201500a0983c2e9e       svm_san_07

NETAPP_LUNC_2          201600a0983c2e9e       svm_san_08

NETAPP_LUNC_3          200300a0983c2e9e       svm_san_09

NETAPP_LUNC_4          202a00a0983c2e9e       svm_san_10

NETAPP_LUNC_5          200000a0983c2e9e       svm_san_FAYG_05

NETAPP_LUNC_6          200100a0983c2e9e       svm_san_FAYG_06

NETAPP_LUNC_7          209f00a0983c2e9e       DE0SVMSESX01

NETAPP_LUNC_8          20a000a0983c2e9e       DE0SVMSPROD01

NETAPP_LUNC_9          20a100a0983c2e9e       DE0SVMSSP01


                                             20d300a0983c2e9e       DE0SVMSEV01

                                            20ba00a0983c2e9e       DE0SVMSFAYG01


Can you explain why these are in the SAN-Attached storage array directory or why they did not have similar records in our other sites and clusters' directories ?

Secondly can these records in this directory be removed without affecting the operation of the SVM's  ?   


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