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performance issue win10 stations to cifs share

Hello, ontap version:8.1.4 7-Mode netapp model:FAS2240-2 when clients from remote offices use the Netapp CIFS share (via VPN or WAN) they experience slow browsing between folders (entering folders). that only occurs from win10 stations, win7 station works fine (from remote and local offices). copy files form CIFS share works well from both types of stations. Any advice greatly received.



7 mode cannot do SMB3, Both Windows 10 and 7  can use SMB2.1.

Are both Windows 10 and Windows 7 in same subnets ?

Is the issue seen only when initial opening of the share post mapping or connecting to it or slowness is seen when traversing to every subfolder?

Since this is a performance issue, it is best to gather a packet trace and perfstats and open a ticket with Support. Support will be able to look at the logs and can help identify the problem.

So I would suggest to open a new support ticket for this issue. 

Also  ONTAP 8.1.4 is an old code and is  EOSL as well as EOVS. So i would also recommened to upgrade the ONTAP code to the latest and supported ONTAP version 8.2.5Px.




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