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Cabling AFF200 with DS2446



i need to hot add DS2246 to an AFF200 controllers.


i saw an artical saying that the cabling for this systems in not exactlly like all other systems,but its like fas26XX system:


"I came across this site while researching how to attach a new DS224C shelf to my A200. After reading this and comparing with NetApp Documentation, I cabled it up. I ended up with four paths, but I was getting a number of sas_connect errors. I called NetApp and it turns out I had the cables reversed. The engineer referred me to the document, where apparently I should be following the chart for the FAS2600 diagram. In this scenario Controller1-A goes to IOMB-1, Controller1-B goes to IOMA-3. Then Controller2-A goes to IOMA-1 and controller2-B goes to IOMB-3. Hope this helps someone."


can anyone please confirm, that in fact this is correct ,and this configuration of cabling is valid to aff200+ds 2246.

if so please explain why only this system types are different from all others.

you can check out the diagram that i compested to illustratethis scenario


Thank you very much.




Re: Cabling AFF200 with DS2446




Cabling looks correct when I look at attached picture. I always check with "Config Advisor" to see if there are any issues. See this link for more info on Config Advisor...



Re: Cabling AFF200 with DS2446


The AFF200 and the FAS2600 share the same controller architecture; as does the AFF220 and the FAS2700.  Whilst 0a and 0b SAS ports share the same ASIC you are in effect gaining two paths to all the SSD/HDDs and in the event of a fail over you have the same from each controller hence MPHA Multi Path High Availability. By having MPHA it allows you to expand the stack without loosing connectivity to the already configured SSDs/HDDs. As with all upgrades or cable reconfiguration partners should run Config Advisor to recieve a report on the situation after completing the work.

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