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"API not found"

Hello Experts,


I am new to NetApp api.  My cluster is on NetApp Release 9.5P6. Running a curl api query against this cluster gives me "API not found" error. Why is that so since I am using admin user to authenticate ? Does API needs to be enabled separately. 


curl -X GET -u admin:password -k 'https://xx.xx.xx.xx/api/storage/volumes'

"error": {
"message": "API not found",
"code": "3"


Re: "API not found"

Per this link ONTAP didn't start supporting the REST API until version 9.6 (


Your post referenced ONTAP 9.5P6, which means you'll need to continue using traditional ZAPI calls, and not REST API calls.



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Re: "API not found"

thanks for pointing this out. 



Raghav Sood

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