Cloud Volumes ONTAP

New TR Released: TR-4676: Oracle Databases on ONTAP Cloud with Amazon Web Services




NetApp® ONTAP® is powerful data management software with native capabilities that include integrated data protection and recovery, efficient cloning, and replication. ONTAP Cloud and ONTAP Select are software-defined storage options that extend the functionality of ONTAP beyond physical AFF and FAS hardware. Specifically, ONTAP Cloud takes control of hyperscaler storage volumes, while ONTAP Select runs in a more traditional virtualization infrastructure. ONTAP Cloud and ONTAP Select deliver the ONTAP feature set across more platforms to address the requirements of public and private cloud users.

From a technical standpoint, all of these options are still ONTAP; the difference between Cloud and Select lies in the business requirements. For example, some enterprises are looking to public cloud providers for a less expensive and more flexible disaster recovery capability. ONTAP Cloud delivers a simple and efficient replication capability to make on-premises data available within Amazon AWS or Microsoft.

As a further example, some service providers are building secure multitenant services that require integrated backup and restore capability. ONTAP Select can run on existing virtualized infrastructure, allowing the service provider to provide each tenant with their own data management environment. New tenants can be quickly deployed by adding additional ONTAP Select instances.

With respect to databases, there is a wide variety of user requirements, including database size, performance requirements, and data protection needs. Known deployments of NetApp storage include everything from a virtualized environment of approximately 6,000 databases running under VMware ESX to a single-instance data warehouse currently sized at 996TB and growing. As a result, there are few clear best practices for configuring an Oracle database on NetApp storage.


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