Data Backup and Recovery

Create a SC aware dataset not using pmsetup



We are using a script to provision storage.

Whe are considering using this script to also provision datasets to be used with snapcreator.

Like this:

  if ($application) {

   $inputelem->child_add_string("is-application-data", "true");

   my $applelem = NaElement->new("application-info");

   if ($application =~ /db2|oracle/i) {

    $applelem->child_add_string("application-name", "Snap Creator Framework");

    $applelem->child_add_string("application-version", "3.5.0");

    $applelem->child_add_string("application-server-name", "Snap Creator Server");


   $applelem->child_add_string("is-application-responsible-for-primary-backup", "true");

   $applelem->child_add_string("is-application-managing-primary-backup-retention", "true");

   $applelem->child_add_string("carry-primary-backup-retention", "true");



Is this OK to do or do we absolutely need to use pmsetup?

We do not want to end up in a support situation when our method of creating the dataset would be questioned.

Also I read somewhere that when updating to 3.6.0 you dont need to create a new dataset because 3.6.0 should update the 3.5.0 dataset automatically?

Is this correct and will this work with our method above?

Regards Magnus



Yep this should work the main one is

$applelem->child_add_string("is-application-responsible-for-primary-backup", "true");

This tells PM to let SC register snapshot and use them.

I am not sure quite what $applelem->child_add_string("carry-primary-backup-retention", "true"); does? We dont use it in SC so you can leave this out I think, not sure if the SC policies would be compatible with PM. Certainly let us know if this adds value and we can add it to SC?



I think what worries us mostly is if this could put us in a bad situation if wee need to file a support case.

And also will it give us problems with upgrades to new version of SC.

As I understand it SC 3.6.0 and beyond will update the dataset automatically to new SC version?

Regards Magnus


No we dont update the version information is always reflect version that created dataset

We do in 3.6 update certain things based on settings in config file like if SC should manage primary snaps or PM