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Data Backup and Recovery

Restore vm registers and unregister multiple time


When a full restore is done from a virtual machine, the restore poreces registers and unregisters the machine several times in a few minutes. Can't understand the reason why it does that. Snapprotect v10 is udes to backup and restore the machine.


Anyone have a idea how to get rid of the multiple times register/unregister



Thx in advance







I am pretty sure this is normal, I see it in my own SnapProtect impelementations when doing backup copy jobs (to tape) and also when doing restores.


It seems that SnapProtect needs to register the VM, modify some settings in the VMX file, un-register it, and re-register it again several times before it's ready to be used by ESX. It usually takes a few minutes.


If you are curious about what it's doing there might be some more info in the vsbkp.log files on the Media Agent (C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapProtect\Logs).

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