Data Backup and Recovery

SC 3.5.0 & VMware support


I see in the documentation:

  • VMware HA with VMware plug-in is not tested and is not supported.
  • Consistency group Snapshot copies with VMware plug-in is not tested and is not supported.

Is support for this on the roadmap?  I thought that HA was required for vCloud, and if vCloud is supported ....





Hi Jim,

I am checking on VMware HA support, it is purely a qualification effort and

we see no issues, SC was designed for VMs to move around. We certainly would

help a customer with an issue in VMware HA environment it just means we

haven¹t done the necessary testing to claim supportability.

As for consistency group snapshots, yes they aren¹t supported but there also

isnt much of a use case for them in a VMware environment. CG snaps are

really only for Oracle ASM or taking crash consistent backups and having an

IO consistency point between volumes on same storage controller. Since we

are taking VM consistent snapshots there is no need.




On the HA, I just don't want to get into a situation where we call into support and then Support tells us to pound sand, because it is not "officially" supported.


Hi Jim,

I understand the concern.

I would recommend you talk to your NetApp Sales Representative and file a

PVR (process variance request). This would allow NetApp to support VMware +

HA + Snap Creator. PVRs are used to provide support in the event that the

IMT coverage isn¹t there.

A PVR however is a request so there is no guarantee it will be accepted, but

it is worth filing at least. Only a NetApp sales rep can file a PVR.

Hope this helps