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SMSQL daily backup - sqlinfo backup was not deleted successfully


Hi all,

Apologies if this question/thread has already been answered elsewhere but I was unable to find it.  Please advise me accordingly if this is the case.

OK, so here goes.  When attempting to run a Daily backup job on my SQL Server I receive the following error within the SMSQL backup report:

[09:21:01.550]  Deleting snapshot copy sqlinfo__SQLSERVER02_03-24-2012_07.43.52__daily of LUN C:\mount\SnapInfo\
[09:21:06.363]  [SnapDrive Error]: Deletion of backup (sqlinfo__SQLSERVER02_03-24-2012_07.43.52__daily) failed. Reason: (The backup sqlinfo__SQLSERVER02_03-24-2012_07.43.52__daily was not deleted successfully. Reason : Snapshot 'smvi__sqlinfo__SQLSERVER02_03-24-2012_07.43.52__daily_20120324074500' was not deleted as it is currently being used by application(s) 'snapvault'. Please retry after sometime.).

(SnapDrive Error Code: 0xc0041054)
[09:21:06.363]  Unknown Error, Error Code: 0xc0041054

I have run this backup a number of times (which does actually run sucessfully) but still receive this error within the report.  I am intrigued to find out what exactly is the problem and hopefully get this resolved.  I have also ran a 'Check Database Integrity' Maintenance Plan through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio which ran successfully without any problems.

Despite the job running successfully I would still like to get this issue resolved.  I hope somebody out there is able to help.

Kind Regards

Justin Medcraft



It seems that you have an active snapvault relationship that is blocking the snapshot of the snapinfo LUN. Check your retention settings.