Data Backup and Recovery

SQL 2005/2008 Snap Creator Integration


Does Snap Creator have a plugin for SQL 2005/2008 without having to leverage SMSQL?

The customer I am working with does not want to utilize all of the features of SMSQL and simply wants to have a consistant DB that they can replication and recovery on the DR system.





Snapcreator can only launch Snapmanager  to do the backup.

There's no native plugin that works as vibe for VMware.

I don't know how sqlserver consistency is done during a SQL server backup but if there's something similar to oracle (a way to make the db server/database go in backup mode) you can probably use a script to quiesce/unquisce the DB and make the backup of volumes with DB lun with snap creator/ using snap drive.


Hi Jerry,

As Francesco mentioned at this time SC can only run the SnapManager for SQL. However I am hopeful that we will have MSSQL and Exchange plugins for SC to give customers alternative options in the future. It is being discussed at least




It would be also nice to have integration between SnapManager (SQL/Exchange/VI) and DFM/SnapCreator... It could be just a matter of a SnapManager option to create the backup with the right naming convention or to let SnapCreator recognize snapshot done from SnapManager. We would like to continue to use SnapManager but we would also like to have the backup/mirror integrated into DFM and scheduled with a single interface (SnapCreator).



any news for that (MSSQL plugin into Snapcreator) ?


Hi, any news 2?

Do we still need SnapManager for SQL/Exchange to make consistent snapshot using SnapCreator.

I mean do I need to purchase SnapManager products from Netapp? Why do I need SnapCreator then?

Both Exchange and SQL support VSS and Windows can make consistent database snapshot using VSS accroding to Microsoft. Is there any kind of integration with SnapCreator?



Yes SC does not provide its own MSSQL plugin.

In the futuer at some point I would expect to see this but not for a while.

If you are backing up MSSQL or Exchange you dont need Snap Creator. You should be using SnapManager SQL and Exchange, so yes if you want to do consistent backups using NetApp snapshots I suggest buying those products..