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SnapCenter Configuration Issue


We're in the process of setting up SnapCenter for the first time and have run into an odd issue while configuring SVM connection.  One of the admins successfully setup an SVM and Run As Credentials, however myself and a 3rd admin on the cosole could not see this SVM on our consoles.  The 3rd admin setup the exact same SVM on his console now he sees the one he setup but I see neither.  I do see records in the logs that they were created, but the SVM is not showing up on my console.  Has anybody else run into this before?





Hi Jason,


By default SVM connections are only owned by the account that created them.

You need to get the Admin who set up the SVM connections to go into:

Administration - Resources

Select Storage Connection as the Resource Type from the drop down menu.

They should then be able to highlight the SVM connection in the list and select Assign User to assign other users.

Once this has been done you should then be able to see the SVM connections.


However this does not seem to be the case with Run As credentials these seem to be exclusive to each SnapCenter user which is annoying.