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SnapCenter with SQL - Would like a solution for TempDB failed


We have a lot of developers and a lot of databases and database servers. Too much to try and keep track of individually so our backups are configured at the instance level. The problem with this is the backup report barks about TempDB backup failure which I know you don't back it up, but this "failure" in the email report triggers an alert so i'm forced to review each of our 30 sql backups daily to confirm these are all false alarms. Any ideas how I can get rid of this failure while maintaining instance level backups?





Isolating the tempdb database on a separate volume makes it possible to keep it out of Snapshot copies. After the storage is configured, you can move tempdb to its own LUNs by using the SnapManager for SQL Server (SMSQL) configuration wizard or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Refer page 10, 11 on the TR:

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Tempdb on our sql servers is already isolated and it's not that I care about it getting snapped what I care about is:



Failed objects:

SQL Database - tempdb



I don't want this showing up in my backup reports because it flags them. Ideally since the software is not designed to back up the tempdb it would be smart enough to ignore it so as not go generate any failures in the backup report.


We are facing exactly the same issue. Is there a possibility to exclude tempdb from Instance Selection?