Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCreator and Snapmirror on cDOT



I am setting up SnapCreator with MongoDB on cDOT 8.3 and I have a requirement to use Snapmirror. I have to setup the SM relationships before I create the backup which is fine. However I find the SnapCreator software will only recognize the Snapmirrors existance if it is a DP type snapmirror. We use XDP for all our backups as it allows us to retain a different count of snapshots at each end; 7 at primary and 30 at destination, hence I need to use XDP. None of the videos


My question is can SnapCreator only run Snapmirror DP (and not XDP)?

If so is there a workaround for my snapshot retention scenario?


If I can't find a way around I will have to set Snapmirror OFF in the options and script the 'Post-Commands' section to ssh to the secondary and run the snapmirror update, but this really defeats the idea of SnapCreator which should be able to amange to do a Snapmirror with ZAPI calls.


Help anyone ??