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NetApp Harvest - Grafana - Ignore selected volumes

HI All,


Using Harvest has been invaluable and helped us deep dive on a number of problems.


Monitoring 12- 14 clusters I have an issue with volume numbers.


Harvest traps every volume including temporoary volumes cloned from backups by CommVault.


The problem is that there are so many volumes (even in one SVM) the dropdown volume list truncates around 800 volumes.


I there a way to filter out volumes with a prefix so they are not recorded in by Harvest?

There are specific prefixes.





Re: NetApp Harvest - Grafana - Ignore selected volumes

Hi @Mal-R


Harvest does not have a feature to exclude collection of specific instances, but you can configure the Graphite server to drop them by using the blacklist feature.  Details on how to set this up are in the Harvest 1.3 Administration guide on pg 24 " Use a blacklist to prevent visibility of temporary volumes [optional] ".  If you have stale metrics you might also like to delete them as a one time action and setup in cron using details on pg 25 in "Purging inactive metrics from Graphite [optional]"


Hope this helps!


Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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Re: NetApp Harvest - Grafana - Ignore selected volumes

Hi Chris,


Have updated the blacklist and removed the stagnant commvault files adn created the cron.


Grafana directory structure almost halved in size and drilldown to volume level is much faster.


Thank You


Re: NetApp Harvest - Grafana - Ignore selected volumes

Hi Chris,


I've setup a blacklist however it does not seem to ignore volumes.

What have I got wrong?


Blacklist entry




I Still get samples like below created 





Re: NetApp Harvest - Grafana - Ignore selected volumes


Hi @Mal-R


A colleague set up blacklisting at a customer with CommValut and reported that this worked for him:



I would check the Graphite Carbon creates.log in /var/log/carbon  or /opt/graphite/storage/log/carbon-cache/carbon-cache-a to see if helps show what is happening.




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