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OCUM 7.0RC1 and WFA 4.0RC1 broken?


I had installed WFA 4.0RC1 and OCUM 6.4P1 and OCPM 2.1P1 (pretty fresh installs).

Full integration. I do not think I set up the WFA after install.


I upgraded OCUM/OCPM to 7.0RC1


I try to connect OCPM to WFA and see this:


Creation of datasource with name XXX.XXX.XXX in Workflow Automation failed.


Not sure how to clear and make work. Anyone have an idea?


Re: OCUM 7.0RC1 and WFA 4.0RC1 broken?


Please download the latest pack from here in WFA.

Then pair with WFA 4.0 and OCUM 7.0.

It should work.




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Re: OCUM 7.0RC1 and WFA 4.0RC1 broken?

NetApp should *really* make one of those "acknowledgement" notes for WFA 4.0 *and* OCUM 7.0RC1 download pages to refer to the automation store to download that enhancement.

would have saved a lot of craziness.


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