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I have installed a fresh install of OneCollect 1.3 on my Windows server 2008 R2 Standard SP1. I am unable to upload to autosupport from the application. Also, the collections only complete partially.


Re: OneCollect

Hi @Scotty,

    Partial status is normal. It means the collection is complete but there are few commands that failed (either not applicable or command not found).

Regarding failure to post autosupport, let us know what is the error you are getting. For autosupport posting, there should be internet connection and the support account should be working (Please try logging in to HardwareUniverse- with the credentials). If login works for HardwareUniverse and you still see issues with OneCollect, please write to us at We can have a Webex to troubleshoot the issue.




Re: OneCollect

Sorry for the late response. I can do a Webex any time.
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