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16Tb lun limit windows Ontap 9.3

Hello smart people...I was asked today about creating a lun for windows of 25TB, I know in server 2008 this is the max, but, I am pretty sure windows has increased this in 2012 and 2016. Does anyone know why Netapp has not increased this limit ? I checked it on a system running Ontap 9.3 on a Netapp8200...


Re: 16Tb lun limit windows Ontap 9.3

In currently shipping versions of ONTAP, the limit for a single file is 16TB. LUNs are stored inside special files inside of the filesystem, and so are subject to this limit.


Rest assured that this feedback is widely received from our customer base, but in many cases alternative options can be implemented to work around this.

Re: 16Tb lun limit windows Ontap 9.3

This is a ridiculous limitiation in a time where single disk drives are this large.