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Changing the "" field


We are changing our NetApp support to a 3rd party vendor.  I need to change the option "" field to a new email address and receiving the message that this field is "read-only"

I tried chaning it thru the priv advanced and get same message.

We are running 8.1.4P3 7-Mode.

Please let me know if/how I can change this options.




Re: Changing the "" field is for netapp my autosupport. you need to change following options :


Re: Changing the "" field

For partner support there is also

Re: Changing the "" field will send a detailed report to the vendor you're partnered with based on a trigger, either manual or an incident on your NetApp

and autosupport.noteto will do the same thing but an abbreviated version

Here's a link to NetApp's documentation:

Re: Changing the "" field

In recent Data ONTAP gets only selected notifications. To send all notifications to partner support you need to use