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Copying across remote desktop session generates TWO file "CLOSE" notifications



We have developed a F-policy server for the NetApp C-mode. We are listetning on the CREATE,RENAME and CLOSE file operations. Our fpolicy server works as a file blocking server.

Whenever we get File "Close" event notification, our fpolicy server scans the file for specific file signature. If it finds any specific file signature (say mp3), It blocks the file.

Above operation works properly for the normal copy operaation.

For following copy operation it generates 2 file close notifications.

1 ) Your machine is say Machine 1.

2 ) Connect to Machine 2 using Remote desktop.

3 ) Open NetApp C-mode share in Explorer on machine 2.

4 ) Now copy any file from Machine 1 and paste it to the NetApp C-mode share opened on the Machine 2 in Remote Desktop.

Above copy operation generates two file close notifications . Why is it so ?

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