Domain name change

Hi All NetApp Gurus,

Please provide me some helpful tips on details for the procedure on what to do if we are going to change our domain.

(e.g. from to

Our domain server is Windows 2003 Server and all the security and permission are handled by the Active Directory.

There is no storage level security or permission used.

Also, please let me know what will be the expected impacts or problems and how can I resolve it.



Re: Domain name change


the easiest way to handle that is to do a "cifs terminate" followed by "cifs setup" on the filer, and then re-register the filer in the (new) domain. You might have to manually delete the old machine account from AD before running "cifs setup".

As long as your SIDs in the domain don't change, nothing else should be required on the filer side. After all, the only thing the filer stores are SIDs in the ACLs of the files/directories.