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FAS3210 MetroCluster

For test purposes, we would like to do a stretched MetroCluster, with a FAS3210, but in the same chassis. I know that this is not normal, but it is for our account that would like to buy a test system, that they would also like to test the MC function.

A logical answer would be to disable the HA, and use the 2 controllers in the same chassis, cable them together as the MetroCluster guide describes, and put in the disk shelves, and we would have a “local” stretched MetroCluster, or would we ?

Re: FAS3210 MetroCluster

Please see 7.3.5 Active/Active configuration guide:

You can configure two stretch MetroClusters between a pair of single enclosure active/active configuration systems. In this configuration, the active/active configuration between the two controllers in each chassis is deactivated, and two separate, side-by-side stretch MetroClusters are formed between the four controllers.

To implement the stretch MetroCluster, you must install an FC-VI adapter in each controller to provide the cluster interconnect between the systems. When the FC-VI adapter is installed in the system, the internal InfiniBand interconnect is automatically disabled. This is different from other stretch MetroClusters, which use NVRAM adapters to provide the interconnect.

The FC-VI adapter is the only difference between standard active/active and stretched MC. If you do not have these adapters, you can get standard HA only anyway.

If you disable HA you won’t have any cluster, neither local, nor metro ☺