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ORACLE VM 3.4.1 with ONTAP 9

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Please, help me about this question.

I have a customer that have a Blade DELL M1000e with hypervidor Oracle VM 3.4.1 version (kernel 4.1.12) . I am doing the NetApp IMT e not appears this version ORACLE VM 3.4.1 available to choice.

I see only version Oracle VM 3.3.3.

Some can tell me how can a roadmap for this version 3.4.1



my inf SAN environment:




Hypervisor:  Oracle VM server release 3.4.1 (Kernel  4.1.12)

Firmware SAN  Switch:  Brocade M5424 FC 8 Gbps / Fabric OS version v7.0.0b

Host MOdel:  4 Blade Dell PowerEdge M910 (ligados a 2 Chassi M1000e)

HBA Model: QLogic QME2572 FC 8G

Firmware version/driver version HBA: Firmware 03.22.00 / Driver QLogic Corp. ISP2532-based 8Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA (rev 02)



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Re: ORACLE VM 3.4.1 with ONTAP 9

if it's not in the IMT, that means it's in testing or not yet. so better to contact ur sales for PVR

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Re: ORACLE VM 3.4.1 with ONTAP 9



The PVR process is in progress.