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Can't ssh to the cluster / Can't access my cluster...


I installed NetApp for Windows 8.3.2 Sim on Vmware Player.   I was able to create a second node and join them.  From my vmware player, I can see both nodes in the cluster and run CLI commands from the CLI inside the VMware Player. 


HOWEVER I cannot


1.) ssh to the cluster via putty, nor can I    


2.) Access my cluster (cant discover or add) to the NetApp SYSTEM MANAGER 3.1.2 that I installed on my Windows desktop.  System Manager doesn't find. it.  I cannot ping the IP either from a CMD prompt. 


I think it's a simple fix, but I am banging my head against the wall for a fix.    


Can you help me troubleshoot please.   The Custer IP that is owned by the vmware is 192.168.X.20, which I set up per the NetApp 8.3.2 installation and set up guide instructions.  I am a newbie to NetApp, so keep that in mind please.  Thank you .      AZPMTECH@YAHOO.COM.    


We are runnng a production environment in a large IT organization, so I need to get this configured as soon as practical please.  I can provide production (purchased) SN# offline if required.  Thank you for your insight.



Hello @BADGER,


System Manager is on the ONTAP system in 8.3+, so you just need to browse to the cluster management IP address.


I have previously encountered issues when using any desktop virtualization (VMware, VirtualBox, etc.) and a VPN, where the administrator does not allow local routing, instead all traffic must go through the VPN.


Beyond that, double check the network settings in VMware and ensure that they are configured correctly.  It's been a long time since I used VMware Player, so I don't know much about it at this point...  Does your desktop have an IP address on the same subnet as the simulator(s)?  If they are NATed, do you need to forward a port?  


Are you able to ping from the simulator to something else on your network?  Can the nodes ping eachother?  Use the network ping command to check from each node.



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