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Scheduled backup jobs ar failing


Hi. Two weeks ago I rebuilt our NetApp FAS3270 8.1.4P9 7-mode.  The purpose was to remove disk shelves to be reused at DR.  By rebuilt I mean that I destroyed all aggrs, moved vol0 to a remaining aggr, removed disk shelves, reboots, and all looks good now.  This filer was then going to be reused for OSSV target, as it was previously.  I recreated volumes and shares (everyone full control).  I ran snapvault start -S "remote_win_server:D:folder" FILER:/vol/volume/qtree.  The initial job ran successully but hasn't run since.  Note that I have not done anything with the OSSV client on the remote Windows Servers.  I have a hundred or so of them that previously backed up to this filer but are not working now.  Below are the snapvault options.  I think they are right.  I don't have support on this filer anymore so I'm depending on Google and this Community.  Please let me know what you think.


CSRNETAPP03> options snapvault
snapvault.access             host=all
snapvault.enable             on
snapvault.nbu.archival_snap_default on
snapvault.ossv.compression   off
snapvault.preservesnap       off
snapvault.snapshot_for_dr_backup vsm_base_only



I also want to mention that in the snapvault log on the remote Windows servers the message is "Local TLog Backup is disabled. To re-enable, enter an interval between 5 and 55 and restart OSSV"