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Enable read reallocation on a volume?



We're having some read latency issues on a particular volume in our environment. We can see both random- and sequential reads on the particular volume. Block size also seems to be bigger than on our other NFS datastores in our environment. 


I have enabled read reallocation with the space-optimized option on the volume. Question: Do I also need to run a manually reallocation on the volume or will the volume start the reallocation in the background? Reallocate show doesn't show anything, only "This table is currently empty".




Ontap 8.3.1

VMware vSphere 6

NFS datastore, VMDK



David T


Re: Enable read reallocation on a volume?

Hello @dtapper,


ONTAP will automatically move sequentially read data into a more optimized layout.  You do not need to run a manual reallocate of the volume specifically for the read reallocation feature.



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