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OnTap 9.1 OnCommand Port Monitoring


We just installed a new FAS8200 with OnTap 9.1.  When you log into OnCommand System Manager and go to the Dashboard, there is a section named "Alerts and Notifications" that is showing in Red, that 4 ports are down.  These 4 ports are actually not being used and not plugged into any switches.


My question is, is there a way to stop the alerts for said ports being they are unused?  I have tried disabling them and also tried setting the port to,  -ignore-health-status true, however, this did not stop the alerts from showing a port down.


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Even i have noticed the same issue with my box.


We have an options called


networl port delete -node node1 -port e0c


in diag mode, but i am scared of trying that option. :P

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Thanks for the reply.  I did try your first port with the comman:

                                     network port broadcast-domain remove-ports -broadcast-domain BD1 -ports Cluster1-01:e0c -ipspace Default


However, that did not remove the ports from the Alerts area. It seems that this is not an Alert we can remove but, I'm still searching.





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We are running ONTAP 8.3.2 and I've noticed that when you log in to OnCommand, it searches the event logs for any CRITICAL events that were logged in the past 24 hours.

If the errors are not showing more than 24 hours after starting the system, then you probably have nothing to worry about.


I don't know if this is also the case with ONTAP 9.1.


Hope this helps.

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Just spent some time with NA Support on this same issue, apparently it's a known bug and we're trying to find a workaround.


We tried the same "ignore-health" mod with no change. 


We also tried "network port delete" as these ports aren't in use. The system won't let us delete a physical port.

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What is the bug #? Id like to open a case and associate my controllers affected to this bug.  



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It's actually an RFE (Request for Feature Enhancement) # 956352. If you search for it you can subscibe to track it but the only information given is "Bug information not available."


Gotta love it. If every time I enter my house, the smoke alarm is going off with a false alarm, and I ask my landlord to fix the problem, am I requesting a feature? Should I be happy when they tell me it'll be fixed when I move? Or that they've fixed the problem and I just need to paint the place for it to take effect? </rant>

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Is there any news about this ?

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Unfortuantely not at this moment. You can monitor the status with this KB article:


OnCommand System Manager 9.0 and newer report administratively down interfaces under the Dashboard:





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1) logged on with putty




set -privilege advanced


network port show -fields up-admin    (list all ports with up-admin true/false)


network port


changed the up-admin from true to false for all ports that are not connected


modify -node node001-01 -port e0f -up-admin false
modify -node node001-02 -port e0f -up-admin false


now the error messages in the dashboard are gone.

Document all changes!