SQL Mirror and Snapmirror


My customer would like to use MS-SQL 2005 mirroring ability to perform data migration from one site to the other and to reduce downtime to 0 due to the criticality of the system.

The usuall way to do so is by using SQL backup and restore in non recovery mode.

We want to utilize snapmirror to transfer the baseline of the data from one site to the other.

Does anyone have the procedure in steps how this should be done ? According to the customer DBAs there is no known method to attache the databases in the 2nd site in non recoverymode to be able to sync the mirror.


Re: SQL Mirror and Snapmirror


The TR-3604 document is your place:

Basically they are honest & upfront with recovery times which for asynchronous SM are stated as 17 minutes (5 minutes for synchronous SM).

Good doc as it also describes native SQL 2005 tools for HA/DR