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aggregate need?

Why we need an aggregate seprately?

why cant we use a raid group directly?




Re: aggregate need?

Put simply because there can be more that one RAID group in an aggregate.

Depends on size and type of disk, but with a large of small disks there could be several RAID groups (a RAID is the data and parity disks)

Re: aggregate need?

I do not know why you would want to, but maybe traditional volumes are something to look into?

Re: aggregate need?

no, i am generally asking the need and use of aggregate.....

Re: aggregate need?

Having evolved from a traditional volume (which can be seen as 1-1 relation between a RaidGroup and a volume) I see an aggregate as the physical to virtual transformation of storage capacity - it is the construct from which you can provision volumes.

Re: aggregate need?

because it scales better? its more flexible to manage than a set of X disks. There are many reasons. Maybe we can approach this the other way around:

what is bad about using aggregates?


Re: aggregate need?

Hello ,

The reason is aggregate holds the raid group, aggregate is nothing but a raid group.

hope this helps!!


Re: aggregate need?

if you start using by raid groups, then you have to create a number of raidgroups as per your space requirement.

In the same way, if you start using aggregate, there is no matter of how many raidgroups it is... still u can handle all the raidgroups in the same aggregate.

Re: aggregate need?

Hi Saran,

To use the diskshelf you must bind the disk in aggrigate. you can' create raidgroup witout creating the aggregate.


Bhola Gond

Re: aggregate need?

Below link will help you to understand the relaionship for disk-aggregate-volume.