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NetApp Knowledge Base Newsletter – 2021 Highlights


Simplicity in design and simplicity in finding answers goes hand in hand with self-service, allowing a customer to run at the speed of their business.


This quote shared by Alex Marzec, Senior Supportability Engineer, NetApp, encapsulates our core endeavor of providing the best customer experience with Products, Services, Support, Documentation, and Knowledge Base at NetApp. 


The NetApp Knowledge Base team is continuously working towards improving your experience on our Knowledge Base site (KB site).  In the past year, we redesigned the NetApp Knowledge Base and introduced new content formats to empower our customers to find solutions to their queries, quickly and easily. Here is a recap of our core enhancements in 2021.


Post our first revamp of the Knowledge Base site in 2020, we focused on three core areas:

  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Usability of the top-viewed content

Interactive Workflows and Resolution Guides

In our endeavor to constantly improve your experience on the site, we introduced the Interactive workflow in March 2021. These workflows provide you the convenience of finding articles related to one topic or a common theme within the same location. 


Interactive workflow.png


In July 2021, we launched the Resolution and Troubleshooting guides that contain KB articles and information grouped to improve the Self-Service experience for a specific issue, topic, product, or technology. These guides are structured in a logical way using different content formats to make the content easier for you to navigate and use.


Static Workflow (RG).JPG


Tabular Workflow (RG).JPG


We encourage you to have a look at the Interactive Workflows page and Resolution and Troubleshooting Guide page to view these newer content formats. As always, we look forward to your feedback.


Knowledge Base Site Redesigned

In October 2021, we went live with a new and improved look for the site. We introduced bold and bright colors, better navigation, and new features and widgets to help you quickly find the information that you are looking for. Check out this video to know about the changes to our site.



KB Content Availability

The NetApp Knowledge Base is a dynamic site. We update our content on a daily basis. Today we have close to 20,000 articles to provide you the latest information about NetApp products and services.

Total KBs in the Database.png














Floating feedback widget for KB Articles

The best kind of feedback we can get is from you who use our content for solving problems. That is why we value every KB feedback and use it to continuously improve the KB site. As a part of the KB site redesign, we launched the floating feedback widget, to help you easily find the feedback option on the KB article pages.




To know more on how to use this option, see Feedback for Articles


Voice of our Customers 

Our efforts have been recognized by you, our customers. Here are some great feedback we received on our articles:


  1. "This article was EXACTLY what I needed to get past the hurdles of downgrading MySQL on my OCUM instances! Thank you SO MUCH for publishing this, and as a bonus it was the first match that popped up! This must be my Lucky Day!"
  2. addressed my issue and was easy to find.”
  3. "This is a great article and helps customers with very large environment"
  4. "This article is really good and it answers some real-time questions. :)"
  5. "Thank you for putting this out here."


NetApp KB TV

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.” - Troy Olson


For customers who prefer video content, we have NetApp KBTV. This is our YouTube channel where we share technical, learning, and support-related videos, covering a wide range of topics on NetApp Products and Services. KBTV videos are created by NetApp’s Technical Experts, SMEs, and Digital Support Specialists.

We encourage you to subscribe to NetApp KBTV  to access the latest content posted there. 


Voice of our Customers

"Love to see more videos like this. The simple things that help field techs and customers make a difference as far as I am concerned. Thank you!"


Awards and Recognitions

The NetApp® Support Site won the prestigious Association of Support Professionals (ASP) 2021 Best Support Website Competition. NetApp was among the top four scoring websites this year. This was a consecutive fourth-year win and was attributed to the company's strategy and vision of delivering a world-class support site to our customers.