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Here are top-viewed SAN articles that are written, updated, and reviewed by NetApp's Technical Experts and Knowledge Domain Experts from the SAN vertical.


The article covers the procedure to determine the NetApp part number for Brocade, Finisar, JDSU or Avago small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers from the output of the supportshow, sysconfig –a, or  fcp target stats commands.


The article gives detailed information on the normal range of SFP optical power level.


The article describes the procedure to upgrade firmware on a Brocade switch. This procedure requires an FTP service running on Windows or UNIX workstation. For older versions of Fabric OS, stepped upgrade may be required.


NetApp provides access to Fabric OS  firmware for Brocade switches sold through NetApp.  This article explains how to download the firmware.


Brocade switches offer a Ports on Demand (POD) model for licensing and port enabling. However, when adding POD license, POD-disabled ports are not automatically enabled. The article explains how POD is enabled on Brocade switches and gives detailed information on Brocade POD.


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