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E2760 TCP Sessions limits




Once again I have a doubt regarding the limitations for E2760 controller.


Since a couple of days the storage array displays me the following message when try to connect to it via smcli with command "smcli <IP-ADDR>


"Network errors were detected while connecting to storage system <IP-ADDR>. Please check for any network problems and verify that there are fewer than the maximum allowed TCP connections.


SMcli failed."


I also tried to connect to the storage array via SANtricity Enterprise Management, and there I'm prompted next to my array with message "unresponsive"


Could someone help me to clarify this issue? We have much of iscsi connections to such Netapp storage array, but as far as I know it shouldn't impact my management interfaces when connecting to the storage array for management. I of course use the In-bound connection over the management interfaces.








Mat, this appears to be a network connection issue to me, but I can't be sure without more information. I would suggest at this point you contact NetApp support and let them help you work through your issue.



There are two problems we are facing with Matt.


The first one is the limitation of "Simultaneous user sessions are limited to eight sessions" as mentioned in http://www.applicationdrivenstorage.nl/documents/site_e-series/Technical%20Report/TR-4275-0314_Introduction%20to%20E-Series%20E2700.pdf

We are using on OpenStack nodes SANtricity Web Proxy, between cinder and netapp.


The second issue is related to number of sessions, as each node as upto 28 of computes and can host number of instances (usually its around 6-8) plus the number of available paths to netapp (total of 4), this gives us number of active sessions. Of course not all instances are using netapp backend.


I have found in the datasheet information about number of "hosts", but I don't know exactly what means the term. http://www.systemfabricworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/NetApp_E2700_Storage_System_Datasheet.pdf


System maximums:

Hosts : 256

Volumes: 512

Snapshot copies: 512

Mirrors: 32


Best Regards