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Netapp E-Series Asynchronous Mirror Fail?



We have 2x netapp e-series in an asyncronous mirror configuration. We have 45TB on the primary SAN but only 12TB on the secondary SAN. There is no unsyncornised data according to santricity. We recently did a disaster recoevry test and unsuprisingly a lot of data is missing from the secondary SAN. The asynchornous mirroring is obviously not working as intended. Any ideas on what could have caused this and how to fix it?


The primary is mounted on a unix host if that helps. Oddly it appears a certain directory of the filesystem is missing. On the primary there are no problems entering the directory. On the secondary you can not descend onto this directory. Unix permissions and ownerships are all question marks. Obviously the netapp's don't care about the filesystem etc as it should just replicate the data so this is a little odd also.


Thanks in advance!






Matt, you should contact NetApp support for help with this issue. You'll need to walk through exactly what you are doing with them and they will be able to help you.