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Error in executing API call for create a snapshot volume


Hey guys,

I am creating a script for dealing with failover of volumes on one host to another host, both in a SANtricity environment. While executing the API call for create a snapshot volume, it is identified that the essential parameters are snapshotImageId and name of snapshot volume. A snippet of my inputsis as follows:


{  "snapshotImageId": 34xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6,
  "fullThreshold": 85,
  "name": abcd,
  "viewMode": readWrite,
  "repositoryPercentage": 20


I am receiving the following error on execution of post/storage-systems/{system-id}/snapshot-volumes:


Problem accessing /devmgr/v2/storage-systems/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/snapshot-volumes.

Reason: <pre> Bad Request</pre></p><hr><i><small>Powered by Jetty://</small></i><hr/> </body> </html>


and response code is 400.


Does anyone know of any parameters I'm missing from the API call body?