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Mirror creation issue


Hi all.

Need help with mirror creation on e2800.

Scenario - 


1. create volume on first array

2. create mirror pair

3. Mirror is working


After that i delete mirror pair.


Now i  want to create mirror pair again.

When  volume that i used in mirror before is selected, i got an error

The operation cannot complete because the storage array cannot communicate with the remote storage array to complete this request. Possible causes include network or connection problems, or no power to the storage array. Check these possible causes and then retry the operation. (API 180)


if volume, that is never used in mirror before, is selected, everything is ok 



See  "Removing the mirror relationship between two volumes" in https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP1394847. You probably didn't completely remove mirror relationship between the volumes:


To resolve the problem, open the Array Management Window for the remote storage array, select the orphaned mirrored pair, and remove the mirror relationship



There's probably a newer version of the document somewhere out there.